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The First Step To Host A Screening

Your first step is to fill out our "Register Your Event" form on this page. This way we can post your event on our events calendar page.

You can become a facilitator for film screenings and other events. We provide you with online access to the movie and supplemental materials that will help you in presenting an effective screening. Go to our Get Active and Watch The Movie page for resources.

Private or Public Showing

In order to continue the excitement, we want to post information on our website about all showings throughout the country. It is very important you let us know if your event will be private or public. This is why it is a required field on the form.

Also on the form we ask if you want your event to be posted on our website "Events" page. If it is a public event we will post all the information you provided. If it is a private event we will only post the event Title, Date, City and State. For private events, to protect your privacy, we will not post any contact information or street address.

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