Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare


Employers are among the many sectors of society harmed by the inefficient U.S. health care delivery system. Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare (BLTH) is a campaign that has its frontline mission: to transform the healthcare system so that processes are transparent, evidence-based and priced as a function of measurable value. As a growing organization of businesses, BLTH has found that the current, multi-payer-financing health care model—with its costly layers of middlemen that add little or no value—must be addressed. BLTH advocates constructively for the transformation of the healthcare system by advancing policy consistent with members’ overall principles.

The U.S. is at a turning point; we can no longer defer taking serious action to fix our broken healthcare system. BLTH is building a business organization that credibly advocates for needed policy changes at the state and national levels, independent of powerful health industry stakeholders, and it is exactly what Americans, businesses, and this country needs. ASBC strongly supports this courageous, common-sense effort and asks you to add your voice and strength to this campaign. For more information and to join BLTH please visit

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Business Case for "Medicare For All"

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