FILM Event Registration

The First Step To Host A Screening

Your first step is to fill out our "Register Your Event" form on this page. This way we can track your event and post it on our events calendar page.
Please look over our Film Screening Guidelines. Then at the bottom of this page you can download and print out the signup sheets and surveys. We ask that you mail all surveys and signup sheets to the address indicated in the Film Screening Guidelines. You can become a facilitator for film screenings and other events. We provide you with online access to the movie and supplemental materials that will help you in presenting an effective screening. Go to our Get Active and Watch The Movie page for resources.

Private or Public Showing

In order to continue the excitement, we want to post information on our website about all showings throughout the country. It is very important you let us know if your event will be private or public. This is why it is a required field on the form.

Also on the form we ask if you want your event to be posted on our website "Events" page. If it is a public event we will post all the information you provided. If it is a private event we will only post the event Title, Date, City and State. For private events, to protect your privacy, we will not post any contact information or street address.

Film Screening Guidelines


Marketing, Spreading the Word About Your Screening:

  • Flyers: Please use the enclosed flyer. Post on bulletin boards, hand out at events leading up to the screening, give to friends and family to hand out at the office, and to colleagues.
  • Social Media: Email Sara Faubert links to any pages you have on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). We’ll tag those pages when we post about the event.
  • When we post about your event on Facebook, share it on your page to help spread the word.
  • Email: Send an email invitation, and one week before the event send a reminder email.
  • Refer to the Tips for a Successful Screening for planning and facilitating your event


Print surveys. Print signup sheet. Print brochures (Download from homepage.)

At the Event

  • Sign-up sheet for the names and email addresses of all attendees
  • Hand out Fix It Healthcare brochures
  • Introduce the movie and mention: produced by Richard Master and directed by Vincent Mondillo.
  • After the screening, moderate a discussion about the movie, single-payer healthcare and related topics
  • Before the audience leaves ask them to complete the paper survey

After the Event

Follow up:
1) Please email with feedback. Did the screening go well?
2) Please mail all surveys and the signup sheets to:
Sara Faubert / MCS Industries
2280 Newlins Mill Road
Easton, PA 18045


Please download and print requested forms

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