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Every single person is important to making change happen. No matter the level of involvement, every action becomes part of the force that eventually creates change. Remarkable, seemingly impossible things, have happened throughout history when the perfect storm opened a door of opportunity. Every action, no matter how small, potentially helps open that door to change. There are no actions that are too small. Only doing nothing ensures that change will never happen.

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Simple Tasks Can Lead To Reform

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The easiest action you can take is signing on to the information loop, keeping yourself informed, spreading information to others. Education is the essential first step to making change.

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Economics of Healthcare

The economics of our dysfunctional healthcare system makes it a problem that transcends the normal political and ideological boundaries. It requires a fresh look at how healthcare defies many of the normal "rules" of economic framing.

The system needs to deliver the highest quality care for the most people at the lowest cost. That must be at the heart of any reform.

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